liz graves does video evaluations

Video Evaluations

By Elizabeth Graves



We can handle most video formats and are happy to work with YouTube videos.

Still photos for structure are also accepted and will be marked and lined for points of reference.

All breeds gaited and non-gaited, all disciplines.

Service of evaluation
Note: Can only be evaluated by completeness of material submitted.

Evaluations can be made on conformation, gait and movement ability, equitation application, rider skills, saddle application (saddle fit cannot be addressed fully), horse behavior and performance in-hand and under saddle.

     We will need recording of:
    Horse to be standing square with legs under the horse (not parked out). Cannon bones need to be perpendicular to the ground (straight up and down).
    Horses head to be straight in line with the body, not turned and in natural position, not lifted up or reaching down.
      Record both sides of the horse minimum of 1 minute each side standing still.
      Straight in front of the horse, standing still.

      Straight from behind of horse, standing still.

      If possible above the back of horse.

      Close up of all 4 hoofs setting on the ground. From front ,sides and back of hooves

      Each hoof lifted, held and film bottom of hoof soles and frog.

      Horse being Lead, filming from both sides, from behind walking away and from in front walking too.

General Handling and Riding
    Horse being haltered from field or stall.
    Horse being tied if ties.
      Basic ground work exercises. Leading, longeing, backing, stopping, turning, round pen work etc.

      Any ground work you normal would do with this horse.

    Blanketing and saddling.
    Mounting of rider and dismounting.
      Ridden at any and all speeds of walks, trot/jog, and gaits if gaited and canter/lope if doing so.
      Film from both sides of horse, toward camera and away from camera.
NOTE: Foals and horses under the age of 2 years cannot receive a full evaluation as to structure and gaitablity due to over all lengths and proportions being too far from complete to be accurate for evaluation.
Information Needed
1. Owners name

2. Mailing address

3. E-mail address

4. Phone number

5. Horses Name

6. Horses age

7. Horses breed

8. Horses sex

9. Length of time having owner ship of horse.

10. Horses health and training history or as much as known.

11. Horse behavior and performance history.

The more information provided the more complete we can do evaluations.

$75.00 per labor hour, US funds.

$75.00 dollar Minimum.

A $25.00 deposit must be submitted with media.

Please specify if there is a maximum hour limit.

Final document will not be sent until payment in full is made when document has been completed.

Payment can be made via check or money order to:
Elizabeth Graves
14377 Poppy Drive
Spring Valley, MN 55975
Or Via: Paypal Account:

If media is to be returned please indicate and include return postage.

Delivery of Completed Document:
Typed material will be sent by way of e-mail in Microsoft office word 2007,
PDF file format or printed in hard copy and sent via the US postal service, please specify which option of delivery is desired.
All observations are delivered in relation to formal education and experience as an equine professional in a variety of fields.
In no way should they be taken as absolute, only in what is observed by the material submitted and is an opinion and should be taken as such.