About elizabeth Graves

Elizabeth Graves

Among her credits are:

  • Over 30 years as a multi-licensed and Breed Judge throughout the United   States and Canada.
  • A Nationally renowned Standard of excellence in the show ring as an exhibitor.
  • Developed Judges Education, testing and licensing programs.
  • Popular, Invited Clinician at events such as Equine Affair OH, CA, MA, , Horse World Expo, Expo's, and Horse Fairs throughout the USA. 
  • Shades of Oak/ Elizabeth Graves LLC - 14377 Poppy Drive - Spring Valley, MN 55975.
  • Owner and  manager- providing services of trainer, Internationally  renown clinician, judge, consultant, lessons, writing for national publications, video productions 
  • Lizer Design's - Spring Valley, MN.  Owner and manager of a designing, manufacturing and retail business specializing in equine related products. 
  • Walnut Creek Farm - Raphine, VA. 1978-1995. Co-owner, Establishing a full time all breeds horse training, show, breeding and sales facility. Judge and clinician.


  • Blue Ridge Community College, VA 1988-1992. Equine management, equinereproduction,Advanced equine management, Equine handling, Horse health, Foal  and yearling management. 3.83 GPA

  • Mary Baldwin Collage, Staunton , VA. Human Psychology and Public speaking courses.Stanton School Of
  • Stanton School Of Cosmetology Graduate

Continuing Education

  • Virginia Technical College, VA. - Detecting Equine Lameness, Treatments, Corrective Shoeing procedures.
  • Westwood Animal Clinic Workshops - Foal Management, Equine Management

  • Dr Scott Sleighbaugh DMV, Workshops - Equine lameness, Colic workshop
  • Joe Struby Riding Instructor Educational  Clinics
  • North Carolina Open Show Judges Certification Clinics

  • 2001 RMHA Judges Clinic

  • Alternative Therapies Internship 1999
    With Bonnie Labuda
    Kimball, MN
    These are  all therapies used within our equine
    training program by Elizabeth Graves Equine/Canine Acupressure

    Equine/ Canine Message
    Aroma Therapy
    Magnetic Therapy
    Bach Flower Essence Therapies
    Moxibustion Herb Therapy

  • Continue to attend a wide variety of seminars and clinics

Credentials, Licensures and Certifications

Current :

  • Joe Struby, Riding Instructor
  • I.B. Hoofinit, Horsemanship Instructor
  • Gaited Curly Horse Assoc. Gait Inspector
  • Amateur Elephant trainer certificater

Non Current:

  • Heart of America Walking horse Assoc., Flat shod judge all gaited Breeds. Non Current since 2010

  • IPWHA. Judge 1992-1995
  • IPWHA Judging program Vice President 1992-1995
  • IPWHA Versatility Program Director 1994
  • IPWHA Gait and Conformation program Director 1992-1995
  • IPWHA Show committee Member 1990 - 1992
  • IPWHA Rule Book committee member 1990-1992
  • RMHA Senior Judge
  • World Side Saddle Federation, Judge , instructor, regional representative.
  • North Carolina Open Horse Show  Assoc. Certified Judge
  • National Plantation Walking horse Assoc. Judge
  • Minnesota 4-H Assoc. Judge
  • Spotted Saddle Horse Breeds and Exhibitors Assoc.  Master Judge
  • Ponies of America Assoc. Judge
  • Walking Horse Trainers Assoc. Licensed Trainer
  • Virginia State Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Virginia State Cosmetology Certified Instructor
  • UKC Licensed Master of Hounds
  • UKC Licensed Bench Show Judge
  • Publications:

    • Plantation Walking Horse Gait and Conformation Standards, Copy write 1993
    • Adopted Standards by clubs and Assoc. of the time in USA and Canada

    Articles in:

    • Gaited Horse Magazine
    • Paso Fino World News
    • Aside World Magazine
    • IPWH News
    • North American Walker Magazine
    • Plantation Exclusive Magazine
    • Western Horseman
    • Various Breed assoc. News letters;
    • Many Gaited Horse Related web sites
    • MN Trail Riders Assoc. NL
    • Trail Rider Magazine
    • Valley Equestrian  New Paper
    • Icelandic Horse Connection Booklet
    • Fox Trotter Free Press
    • Fox Trotter Journal

    Other Media

    • "Gathering of Gaits" Videos
    • "Icelandic Horse Gathering" Videos
    • "Gaited Horse Structure as it Related to Gait" Videos
    • "Icelandic Horse Gathering" CD
    • A Bit About Bits" DVD


  • Have conducted over  723 all Breed Gaited Horse Clinics since 1990 throughout the USA and Canada.
  • Have conducted a multitude of Non-Breed Gaited Clinics , seminars of various topics and Side saddle clinics since 1990.
  • Have judged over 150 Gaited and Non-Gaited horse shows since 1982, totaling over 28,000 entries.
  • Have shown various Gaited breeds since 1978 on a local, state, regional and National levels acquiring championships at all levels. Shown  Non-gaited breeds since 1965


    LizGrave and Lee Ziegler judging


    Liz & Purple Pony Skin 1969

    Liz & Walter Dammit Pedro 1971
    Mid-State Riders Show, Cambridge, MN
    T& B Tack Shop show grounds

    Liz & Walters Dammit Pedro
    Bootjack Saddle Club Queen 1971
    Sugar Hills Show,  MN

    Shades Of Oak/Elizabeth Graves LLC

    14377 Poppy Drive
    Spring Valley, MN 55974
    (612) 201-4954

    Elizabeth has devoted most of her life to working not only with horses,

    which is her first love, ut with all animals. She has a multi-talented,

    highly energetic, creative personality, striving to share her

    knowledge and experience with all who desire to learn.

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