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Liz Graves
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Top : Interview with Rick Lamb
Left: Elizabeth Graves Clinic





We highly recommend these clinicians due to there
ethical philosophies, high level of knowledge, experience
and skills which we feel all can benefit from.

Saddle Fitting
David Genadek
About the Horse Inc.
14377 Poppy Drive
Spring Valley, MN 55975
(507) 495-8670 

Elizabeth's Clinics are well known and popular through the United States and Canada and Europe. She works through positive reinforcement for the horse and rider.  Clinics are about complete and higher level of horsemanship in which to empower the horse owner with as much knowledge as possible  in achieving a positive and complete relationship with their horse. 

Clinics include teaching Bio-mechanics, making  positive choices and applications when using supportive aids such as the human body, bits and bitting, saddle fitting etc.  Areas such as Equine psychology, common sense ground work, gait analysis, gait development, what is straightness and how to find it, conditioning, application  and benefits of lateral work on the ground and under saddle will all be addressed.

Clinics are geared  for all levels and experience  of riders from beginning to very advanced levels. Clinics are not limited to the gaited breeds and can be formatted to specific needs upon request. Our goal is to have a positive environment at all clinics, one in which people have a wonderful time, share and enjoy the thrill of learning

Video Taping of any kind at clinics is prohibited
Still photos are welcome.


 Clinic Hosting Info:

Any private party or club is welcome to host a clinic. 
Clinic fee's for clinics booked after January 1st, 2006 are $600.00  per day plus travel expenses, lodging and meals, etc.

Hosts are  to provide plenty of cold drinking water for the clinician during

A $100.00 in US funds booking fee is required to confirm dates and is applied towards clinic fee.
Fee can be paid by check or money order to: 

Elizabeth Graves

14377 Poppy Drive

Spring Valley, MN 55975

Or credit card via Pay pal at account: 
No dates will be confirmed without this fee.

Clinic host are responsible for making airline booking and reservations.
All flight departures to clinic destination are to be made from Rochester, MN Airport and return flight final destination would be back to Rochester, MN airport.

Clinics are limited to a maximum of 14 horse and rider participants, there is no minimum requirement. Auditor attendance is unlimited.

As a host you will need to provide a liability release for all attendees to read and sign and Shades of Oak/ Elizabeth Graves LLC will also  require all participants to read and sign a liability release as well. 

Rider Participants:

We ask that you have some current riding time on your horse to be prepared for clinic work. Dangerous horses will not be accepted. Please be considerate of other participants, everyone will receive individual attention geared towards your individual goals and/or needs.

Stallions are welcome if they are safe and mannerly. Horses must be presented in healthy condition with current hoof care.

Abuse of any participating clinic horse on clinic grounds will NOT be
tolerated!  This is to include excessive and improper use of whips and spurs, kicking
horse in stomach, hitting horse in the head or face.

We welcome auditors and will do the best we can to address any questions that are presented as time allows. Rider participants needs will be first and foremost, as they are attending and bring their horses as well as paying  fee's specifically for participation.

2018 Clinics, Workshops, Traveling Lesson Days
March 23-25

 Linn County Fair & Expo Center
Albany OR

April 6-8

Indiana State Fair Grounds 
Indianapolis, IN

May 5-6

Horse Women and Wine workshop
Shades of Oak Ranch


May 19th

All Breed Clinic

Culpepper, VA

Contact: Sue

All breed Clinic
Animal Recue League Of Iowa
5452 NE 22nd Street, Des Moines IA

Contact: Carrie Spain
515 344-5218 or

June 9-10

All breed Clinic
OR Fox Trotter Club

Contact:  Pam Friesian

June 19-20

Private Clinic Heartland Girls Ranch

Contact: N/A

August 18-19 Horse Women and Wine workshop
Shades of Oak Ranch
Contact Liz Graves
Sept 15-16

Horsemanship Challenge Clinic
Animal Recue League Of Iowa
5452 NE 22nd Street, Des Moines IA

Contact: Carrie Spain