Liz Graves Horse training workshops

RendezvousWorkshops at Shades Of Oak

You arrange the group, minimum of 2 up to 6 horse and rider teams. These events are not open to the the general public during your stay. You can invite your own auditors as guests for $25.00 per day.
You pull together your group and book the dates.
There is no limit to the number of days. Weekends and weekdays available.
Please see if special topics are desired to be covered just ask and we will make sure to cover it.

$50.00 booking fee is required to hold a date and will be subtracted from the groups fees.

Liz hosts 2 Horse, Women and Wine workshops each year. Of coarse Gentlemen are also welcome
These special workshops do fill fast when annoiunced so keep checking back for those events if interested.


Workshop Fees

$100.00 per day per person

Stall Fees are $17.50 Per day, this does include 2 bags of shavings per stall. Feed Not included

Booking fees can be paid by check or money order to: 
Elizabeth Graves
14377 Poppy Drive
Spring Valley, MN 55975
Or by credit card via paypal at account:
No dates will be held without booking fee.


40' round pens.
Classical indoor arena,
20 x 40 Meter Dressage Arena
Obstacle course
100'x50' Outdoor Arena
Electrical for camper hookups, no fee.
Plenty of room for tent set up's, no fee.
Heated Lounge, microwave, coffee pot, refrigerator, charcoal grill, phone and Internet access. Campfire pit by pond.

Around Town

Forestville State Park with horse trails and camping
within 16 miles.
Spring Valley is 2.4 miles away and has a good
grocery store, butcher shop and bakery with 
several cafes and fast food businesses.
Motel in Spring Valley is  Spring Valley Inn's
and Suites. 26 miles from the city of Rochester.
Lovely Cabin available for accommodations 1 mile from
Shades of Oak

Horse Requirements

All horses must be in good condition, wormed, 
hooves trimmed and ready to work.
Neg. Coggins within one year required.
Out of state horses must have current health certificate.

Shades of Oak is a Strangles free Facility, no horse will be allowed on the facility within 4 months of last external symptoms.

All Riders/handlers and guests are required to 

read and sign a liability release.
All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet.
If  a rider waives the use of wearing a helmet
an added  Release must be signed.

Shades of Oak Educational Center is a special
environment and we hope you will enjoy and
respect and care for it as we do. 
We want you to come enjoy, share and have fun!

Liz Utah Clinic

Customer Reviews

I wrote out a bit more about my weekend of learning, please take a moment to read and share with others whom are looking for a better path down the horsemanship road. It took me a while to find what I was looking for and here it was, right under my nose! Guess that means I am finally ready!
Rendezvous means a meeting at a certain time and place but in French means "present yourselves".
"Present Yourselves!", is a great way to think about the Rendezvous workshops that are put on by Elizabeth Graves. Present yourself as you are. Present yourself with an open mind.
Present yourself ready to learn.
Present yourself for healing.
Present yourself in the present.
Present yourself for a weekend of whole horsemanship learning. Learn about yourself, learn about your horse.
Honestly, I didn't know what to expect going to horsemanship clinic called a rendezvous. I mean, that's not a main stream title. Wait, I didn't want what's being advertised, I wanted something different, something where I wasn't always chasing my horse but it seems that's all anybody is teaching these days or at least that seems to be the "new natural horsemanship ".
Sure I want a natural approach with a kind hand with a traditional twist but I can do without the latest do-dad to buy. After all, I am a horse owner, I have enough expenses.
So, I signed up to attend this rendezvous and I am ever so glad I did. I found healing for my soul, we talked about various physical therapy modalities to use on our own horses, we talked about flexing not breaking, giving not taking, soft and calm, teaching and bending and so much more! Liz is patient, kind, knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced, truly cares about the horse and takes utmost care of the horses in her care as if they were her own.
I am thrilled and delighted that I presented myself for the Elizabeth Graves Rendezvous weekend to learn about the art of horsemanship and I can hardly wait until the next!

Heather Hill


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